RED Collective: Patagonia

Patagonia has not only established themselves as the leader in outdoor clothing and gear but also set the standard for what it takes to be an environmentally responsible company. They do so by continuously implementing new technologies to reduce their impact on the environment while donating 1% of their sales to preservation and restoration for the planet. RED is delighted to highlight Patagonia and their talented staff photographer / directory of photography, Tim Davis, in the newest RED Collective segment.
Tim Davis produces videos and photographs for Patagonia’s website and catalog. To capture authentic images of the harsh conditions that their clothes and wetsuits have to endure, Tim travels around the world to shoot Patagonia’s Ambassadors (professional athletes) which include such big name surfers as: Gerry Lopez, The Malloy Brothers and Kohl Christensen. Tim is currently shooting on a light-weight SCARLET-X package.
For more information on Patagonia, please visit their website at:

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